Meet Scott Dahlquist



Scott Dahlquist has been actively trading the stock, options and futures markets since 2007, and has been teaching others how to trade since 2014.

Since then he has become accomplished at using the latest, most profitable trading strategies available. He actively trades the futures and options markets almost every day.

In his own personal account, Scott likes to identify compelling trade setups that have a high-probability of moving in an anticipated direction. He marries technology, along with the visual analysis of an active chart, to choose and execute trades for optimum, profitable results.

Scott is proficient at using the Pro9Trader suite of indicators to assist his successful trading in multiple futures markets, particularly his favorites – the NQ, TF, CL, YM, EMD and GC.

Today Scott teaches students how to use Pro9Trader to find trades with the highest potential for success.

Scott is passionate about helping others, who just like himself see the potential for financial freedom that exists in the stock market. Scott had mentors who helped him get started and he’s eager to pay it forward. Students find Scott’s instruction to be thorough but easy to understand, and are taken by his friendly and encouraging demeanor.

Scott has taught educational classes for students in the stock, options and futures markets, helping them become better equipped and more confident traders.

Scott was personally responsible for developing a watchlist of potential trading candidates each day in nine unique trading categories for a nationally known education company.

Under Scott’s direction, students learn how to look for high-probability trade setups and apply them under real market conditions. Scott teaches a repeatable process, and inclusive trade setups, to manage your trading portfolio and maintain a risk-management foundation.

Scott has owned his own computer business for 25 years and also has three years of experience as an instructor at a Michigan-based university. He has authored and provided basic, intermediate and advanced software education for a variety of regional and national companies.

Scott lives in Michigan with wife and two sons, who are also active traders.