Hear what our students think

I’m on my week trial after acquiring the Pro9 charts last week. I just wanted to drop a quick note to say I am absolutely loving your room. I’ve been in a ton of futures rooms (embarrassed to admit how many) and nothing compares to my experience this week with you. I made money this week, not a ton, but I’m treating this week as just getting comfortable with the charts and the system.

I love your approach to trading – you have taught me so much already. This week while in your room I’ve had 16 trades 14 have been winners.

Thanks for everything. By the way I love the room style and the tunes too! Keep it up!

Great room! Your teaching and comments have been a tremendous help in my trading. My trading and confidence have really improved since entering starting with the Smart Money Room.

Keep up the great work.

I highly encourage all traders to take advantage of the 7 dollar week intro. I am one of the original Pro9 Beta testers and I have been using pro9 since its inception. This week, I attended the $7.00 intro week and I have had 4 excellent profitable days in a row as a newbie. If you love pro9, you will love this room!

I only intended to do the $7 trial for the 5 trading days because my account size was only $2000 and I felt I couldn’t afford to lose any more than I already had in a different room. After 5 days with you I had made $788 LIVE REAL CASH and decided to give you one month in the room even though I felt I couldn’t afford it, at least I made enough in the first week to pay for the month.

I was sure I’d not be able to continue, but you are so conservative and exude PATIENCE and CONFIDENCE which I desperately lack, that I am feeling more confident than in any of my previous trading. There are about 4 total things to look for and if they aren’t there or if one of them is iffy you will pass on it, where in my other life I would have ignored the iffy sign and traded it – for a loss of course.

I am much older than your other students and feel absolutely a part of the room with the exception I recognize very little of your music. Every once in a while you will play Elvis or Frank for me. THANKS! The other students seem to except this old lady. In 4 weeks, my trading account has gone from $2,000 to $4209. I am totally please with your room and would be happy to talk with someone who might be on the fence.

What I really appreciate the most about your trading room is your “feel” for the market, and your ability to communicate how to develop that feel. I’m astounded by your targets and how often you reach your BIG AUDACIOUS GOALS. Thank...you.

Love the trading room.

You are my Hero.

I am having much success with you.

Hello Scott, A quick note to complement you on a doing a great job in the Smart Money trading room! There are MANY moving parts, which you handle very well. Enjoy your positive upbeat attitude as well as methodical and thoughtful approach to applying the PRO 9 trading rules….and for continually calling them out as a potential trade is assessed. As a mid-westerner I appreciate your down-to-earth friendly, unpretentious demeanor and training delivery. For what it’s worth, one of my current trading rules is that I only trade mini contracts ($5/tick). I found that if I am successful trading minis and then trade a $10+/tick contract, a single non-mini trade that goes against me can wipe-out the smaller gains earned via the mini contract trades. This will be my approach until I build up my trading account capital and ‘master’ the PRO 9 trading methodology….with your help 🙂 Again – great job!

Scott's complete commitment to the Pro9 rules without deviation is a motivation for me to do the same. So often I assume I "know better" and modify something that has proven itself successful, all too often to my own detriment. Scott approaches his mentoring in the room in a holistic manner where, in addition to teaching the Pro9 techniques, he also sprinkles in some trader's psychology further flavored with motivational quotes. This is a nice touch.

I wanted to take the time to write an email about the fantastic trading room you have with Scott Dahlquist. I had used Pro9 in the past but to be honest did not have consistent success as the stop is 15-22 ticks, and when there was a loss, it would really set me back.

I was in the room with the last moderator and it seemed that his intervention did not seem to help much overall. However, when I discovered that the room had a new moderator I paid for a month to see how things were going. I cannot tell you how ecstatic I am with Scott. From his endearing personality, to his continued reinforcement of the rules, as well as his advanced techniques, he has completely turned around Pro9 for me personally.

There are many many trade rooms out there but NONE of them have the combination of profitability, transparency, and consistent education as Scott in the Pro9 live trading room. I love not only the profit and loss records every day but the detailed list of the daily trades taken AND a full 5-hour video to review of the entire daily session for the last 30 days. NONE does all that!

I have emailed Scott at least 4-5 times with questions and he is consistent in replying in ample time with detailed responses. His advanced techniques NEED to be part of the basic education as Pro9 in my opinion simply recommends too many trades with probabilities that just don't warrant the 22tick stop risk. You really hit the ball out of the park in putting Scott as room moderator. Who else but Scott in his incredible honesty would admit to a 300 dollar + loss in one day. That honesty makes him so endearing to real traders and of course we see that he is profitable EVERY week.

I will be there in the room every day I am able while Scott at the helm. Thank you for your time.

Again, you room is the best I have ever seen. Do NOT go anywhere until I can think exactly like you.